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Tutors in Edmonton for Children and Adults

Tutors help students become independent learners by providing them with the skills needed to excel in their academics. If you are looking for experienced and professional tutors in Edmonton, A & D Tutoring is the one you can count on. Since 1992, we been providing children and adult learners with the tools they need to gain knowledge in leaps and bounds. We provide educational guidance to our students in various areas like GED preparation, trade entrance exams, health and safety exams, all subjects Grades K-12, ESL and university course assistance more. Our tutors are highly dedicated and aim at producing positive outcomes.

Thorough practice is very important when you want to score well. Our tutors ensure that all our students have mastered concepts taught with the required amount of practice. This will help to boost their confidence before any exam. We believe that improvement comes from addressing specific weaknesses of a student. Our tutoring sessions are designed to meet every student’s needs that inspire them to reach their full academic potential. Whether you need a little extra guidance or want to advance to a higher conceptual understanding, we are here to help you. We create a warm and healthy environment where students feel confident enough to ask questions, explore and seek answers. Our students are trained to prioritize and organize their portions which will help them use their time wisely.

Advantages of Tutoring

Effective tutoring helps you become more competent and successful in your academics. It provides students with a unique learning experience with personal attention. Lessons and activities are planned based on the ability and requirement of each individual. With the help of your tutor’s guidance, you will be able to create study plans, develop advanced study skills and learn time management thoroughly. Listed below are a few benefits of tutoring:

  • Individual and unique learning experience
  • Improves work and study habits
  • Helps overcome learning obstacles
  • Improves academic performance
  • Keeps you well-prepared
  • Encourages the freedom to ask questions

At A & D Tutoring, our goal is to create a positive and safe learning environment for our grades K-12 students and adult learners. In order to maintain a healthy relationship with the students, our tutors ensure to connect and communicate with students in a friendly manner. We also offer correspondence learning to students who are actively involved in athletic programs and to adults who are working full time. Apart from tutoring services, we also provide space to hold an exam or take an exam to institutions and organizations in the area. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.

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From basic mechanics to programming robots, we help you learn robotics with fun!


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Unique Education Plans Made for You

At A&D Tutoring, we know that every learner is different. To ensure each and every one of our students' success, we create learning plans tailored to individual needs. By offering customized learning plans with Edmonton tutors, we remove learning blocks and create an environment that encourages the success of our students. Our approach leads to increased self-confidence, motivation, responsibility, self-respect, and determination.

Edmonton Tutors with One-on-One Instruction

Benefit from the complete attention of our instructors with our one-on-one tutorials. Whether you choose them for yourself or your child, you'll see that anyone can improve their skills with the help of our teachers. Our knowledgeable staff will assess your skills and then create an education plan that works best with your learning style.

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