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A & D Tutoring : Exam Centre in Edmonton

If you’re looking for a space to hold an exam or take an exam from your institution or organization, call us at A & D Tutoring. We have the ability to offer a wide variety of flexible writing times that work best for you or your student as well as private writing space at no extra charge. Need to do your exam on the computer but don’t have access to one of your own? We also offer the ability to do computerized exams. We can also supply an exam proctor for your test.

We are an approved Pearson proctoring centre.

Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center US

What is an Exam Proctor?

An exam proctor is an approved neutral person chosen to ensure your identity and the integrity of the test-taking environment when you’re taking an exam or test outside of the regular test taking space, ie. If you’re going to miss an exam at your school, or are taking an online course, etc. You will either need to take your test at an approved proctoring location, such as A & D Tutoring’s exam centre in Edmonton, or online with a webcam. We offer proctoring of general exams for a fee of $40 per exam sitting and can have larger exam writing space booked for groups of up to 50 students with experienced and reliable exam proctors so you can rest easy knowing everything is in good hands.

Who can be an Exam Proctor?

Exam proctors are people who are not related to you in any way, must not reside at the same address as you, and must not be enrolled in the same school as you. Typically, it can be professionals such as other teachers, administrative employees of an educational institution, library staff, and professionals such as the experienced staff at A & D Tutoring. 

When you come to A & D Tutoring’s exam centre in Edmonton, you’ll be guaranteed a comfortable and quiet space where you can focus all your energy on the test at hand. Our trained staff will ensure you’re all set with everything you need to complete it, with flexible writing times, a private writing space at no extra charge, even a computer if that’s what your exam requires. Whether you’re taking an exam on your own or are part of a course that will be taking the test together, we’ve got the right space for your needs.

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