Adult education

Why It's Never Too Late for Your High School Diploma

Congratulations if you are considering pursuing your adult high school diploma. We know the decision to further your studies can be scary, especially if you think that you have been out of school for too long. Too many people are unwilling to do so because they feel it’s impossible. A & D Tutoring is determined to help them, offering its support for adult education in Edmonton.

What Is Adult Education?

Also known as continuing education, this is schooling aimed at mature students who are working or have been working at some point. An integral part for an education, it covers different subjects to help students acquire new skills.

Here’s Why You Should Finish High School

Most people do not complete their high school graduation because:

  • School may not have been a priority.
  • Illness may have prevented studies.
  • Dropping out may have been the norm in the family.
No matter what the reason was then, don’t let anything stop you now. Whether you’re in your 20 s, 30 s or beyond, think about the positive changes that a high school diploma can introduce, which include:

College Admission – If you want to attend college, a high school diploma is a necessity.
New or better employment – If you want to switch jobs or simply want a more suitable profession, you need diverse skills in today’s job market.
Higher salary potential – The more qualifications you earn, chances are you will make more money in your career.
Being happier – Earning a high school diploma is a self-validating experience. The success is empowering and will spill over to other areas of your life.

You Are Not Alone

Many adults hesitate to go back; they feel they are the only ones who didn’t finish high school. This is inaccurate. Studies in 2016 show approximately 13.7% of Canadians, aged 25 to 64, never got their high school diploma or an equivalent certificate.

Common Mistakes to Avoid as an Adult Learner

Adult students are expected to be disciplined in studies. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case as many have a lot to relearn after their time away from the classroom. Care

should be taken to avoid:

  • Disrespecting the class or teacher - Adults are busier than kids and have more responsibilities. This doesn’t mean they should skip classes or work on their own timetable. 
  • Not setting aside time for studying – Prioritizing other activities over studying is not prudent. To learn, it is critical to complete homework and prepare for exams.
  • Lack of self-confidence –Many adult students fail because they simply don’t believe they can undergo or understand the process. 
Ultimately, like all academic processes, it takes a high level of commitment and dedication to make this work.

Are Adult Education Courses in Edmonton Flexible?

When people think of attending classes, they generally picture a school with rigid calendar hours. While traditional institutions follow a tight schedule, adult education courses have a more relaxed approach.

We ensure that our adult students can learn comfortably and also offer distance education.

We Can Help You Reach Your Goals

At A & D Tutoring, we have been providing adult education classes in Edmonton for 26 years. We teach courses in various fields like ESL, computer training and GED. Our well-trained instructors
ensure all our trainees get the necessary amount of practice.

Our goal is creating a positive self-learning environment where students feel confident to explore and seek answers. We also help develop advanced study skills, create study plans, and teach time management.

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