Student writing exam

What You Should Know About Using an Exam Centre in Edmonton

A & D Tutoring is a recognized leader in providing individualized tutoring services to people of all ages. However, did you know that we also have an exam centre?

If you need a place in Edmonton to write or hold an exam but don’t know where to go, come see us! We provide a comfortable and quiet space for people to write tests of all varieties. In addition, A & D Tutoring is a recognized Pearson Test Centre. 

What is an exam centre?

An external exam centre like ours is an alternative place to take an exam or test. This is especially useful for people taking courses online and not in a standard classroom environment. Organizations that wish to test trainees will find our exam centre handy and easily assessable. Our building can accommodate exam groups of up to 50 people at a time. In addition, we conveniently provide free parking.

Who can use the exam centre?

There are many types of students who take their exams at our examination centre.

• Students that were given a deferral for their exam for any reason.
• Those individuals who are taking online courses and require an exam Proctor.
• Students with special dispensations from their academic institution. For example, those that need more time than usual to complete an exam or require specialized software like voice recognition.
• Trainees being tested by the organizations the work for.
• Students who must complete a computerized exam but don’t have access to a computer or are not allowed to use their own.
• Professionals writing certification examinations.

You can write any type of exam in our facility; however, it is up to you to receive permission from your learning institution. Tests for online courses, professional certification exams, and people with special dispensations are the most common use for our centre.

What is a Certified Pearson Examination Centre?

We are recognized as an official Pearson examination centre. This means that A & D Tutoring has certified Pearson Professionals that can monitor a wide range of examinations to maintain the integrity of the examination process. We can provide single person examinations or large group examinations depending on the requirements of the examination. This allows the group or individual a quiet and comfortable examination experience with free parking.

What is a proctor and can you provide one?

An exam Proctor is an approved neutral person who’s chosen to ensure your identity and the integrity of the exam process. Typically, a proctor is a professional like a teacher or an administrator from an educational institution. They must not be related to the person taking the test in any way. We offer proctoring for many types of examinations. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

AT A & D Tutoring’s exam centre in Edmonton, you will find a quiet and comfortable space to write your exam. We will make sure you have everything you need, from flexible writing times to a private writing space if you require it. We will even provide a computer should the exam require one.Call us today to find out more.