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Customer Service & Computer Training in Edmonton

Computer Training

Smart Phone Training for Beginners

Students will learn how to accomplish common tasks, such as sending a text message, viewing a video clip, surfing the web. We will also cover fundamentals such as configuring security options, adjusting the screen settings, setting up access to a wireless network, understanding what you’re sharing, tracking your data use, taking pictures, and more.

Level 100 Beginner Computer Training

Introduction to the parts of a computer, the Internet and Web Browsing. Learn how to get started with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Windows Mail / Gmail, Microsoft Excel and
Microsoft PowerPoint.

Includes all COMP100 level classes through individual sessions, one on one, with a qualified instructor.

Classes: 100 Hours
Prerequisite(s): None

COMP100 – Computer Basics

An introduction to Computers, Windows, and Online Skills. Students will also learn to manage folders and files, use common tools and programs.

Classes: 20 Hours, one-on-one instruction.
Prerequisite(s): None

COMP110 – Email

Become efficient with managing email, tasks, notes, contacts, and meetings in Windows Mail / Gmail.

Classes: 10 Hours, one-on-one instruction.
Prerequisite(s): None

COMP120 – Microsoft Word

Learn how to edit and modify text; insert special characters and graphics. How to organize data in tables, control the appearance of a Word document and become efficient in proofreading and printing a Word document.

Classes: 20 Hours, one-on-one instruction.
Prerequisite(s): None

COMP130 – Microsoft Excel

Modify the appearance and how data is displayed on a Worksheet. Enter calculations in a Worksheet; manage and print a Workbook.

Classes: 30 Hours, one-on-one instruction.
Prerequisite(s): None

COMP140 – Microsoft PowerPoint

Learn how to create a basic presentation; modify slides with text, tables, charts and graphics.

Classes: 20 Hours, one-on-one instruction.
Prerequisite(s): None

Level 200 Intermediate Computer Training

Building on the learning from the level 100 coursework this course aims to advance the students understanding of computers, their operating systems, and common software used in business today.

Classes include learning how to maintain and troubleshoot common computer problems. Additional training on Microsoft Word, Windows Mail / Gmail, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft
PowerPoint is also included.

80 Hours, split into individual sessions with one instructor and one student.
Prerequisite(s): Level 100 Computer Training, Computers for Beginners

COMP200 – Troubleshoot & Maintain a PC

Diagnose common computer software and hardware problems. Learn how to resolve these common problems and prevent them from occurring.

Classes: 10 Hours, one-on-one instruction.
Prerequisite(s): COMP100

COMP210 – Email

Customize the Windows Mail / Gmail environment and message options. Become efficient at setting Calendar options and track activities using the Journal.

10 Hours, one-on-one instruction.
Prerequisite(s): COMP110

COMP220 – Microsoft Word

Manage lists and customize tables, charts and formats. Modify pictures and create customized graphics; create and use templates. Automate the Mail Merge; use Macros for
repeated tasks.

Classes: 15 Hours, one-on-one instruction.
Prerequisite(s): COMP110

COMP230 – Microsoft Excel

Customize and enhance the Excel environment. Calculate data with advanced formulas; organize worksheet and table data. Analyze and present data using charts, PivotTables, Slicers, and Pivot Charts.

Classes: 25 Hours, one-on-one instruction.
Prerequisite(s): COMP130

COMP240 – Microsoft PowerPoint

Customize the PowerPoint environment; template/slideshow design and special effects. Study how to collaborate, secure and distribute a presentation.

Classes: 20 Hours, one-on-one instruction.
Prerequisite(s): COMP140

Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training Outline

Training for customer service roles.

Basics of Customer Service: Ensure professionalism and customer satisfaction. Attitude paramount; make the right first impression.

Effective Communication:
Say what you mean with facts and integrity. Learn non-verbal communication, differentiate speaking style for different audiences and learn how to diffuse

Relationship Building: Establish a rapport; identify customer needs and imbue value. Learn how to ensure return customers and maintain ongoing relationships.

Customer Service Methods: Face to Face, Telephone and Electronic interactions.

Difficult Customers: Learn to rebuild and restore relationships with customers. Understand the cause of the problem and what needs be done to satisfy the customer.

Classes: Subjective to the learning needs of the individual, one-on-one instruction.
Prerequisite(s): None


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